Simplifying Skincare
1 min readJun 24, 2022

Pregnancy Skincare 101

No fear mongering, straight facts!

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Honestly, there is so much fear mongering when it comes to pregnancy — Don’t eat this, don’t put this on your skin, I’ve been through this myself. I remember stopping all the skincare products since I couldn’t figure out what was safe to use. Had I known better I would have gotten ahead of my acne and PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation).

Pregnancy is a time when your skin is most vulnerable because of the hormonal changes, and it needs the care and attention. Issues overlooked during this time often amplify in scale and can be very hard to address/treat later.

I do want to call out the brightening ingredient Arbutin. There are two schools of thought — one that considers it safe (low rate of dermal absorption and partial hydrolysis into hydroquinone) and the other deems it unsafe. The research makes a compelling case for the former which is why I feel it’s safe to use.

So, ease your mind and save this ☝🏽 guide for quick reference.

Simplifying Skincare

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